Meet The Makers: Spooltown

Each of our products go through a meticulous concept and design process. Each detail is thought through in order to produce the best possible product.  The only way to bring these pieces to life is to partner with manufacturers  as dedicated to the process and quality as we are.  This is how we found Spooltown, a locally owned and operated cut and sew operation that specializes in bags and heavy duty sewing.  Sara and Dana, the founders, are dedicated to the process and are constantly improving upon the making process.  “We always strive for incremental improvements for the way things are made.  This way we are not just mass producing a shitty product.” 

Spooltown began three and a half years ago out of an unmet need for local quality manufacturing.  Before Spooltown, both Sara and Dana worked in production and finance for a local bag company. The Good Flock was one of Spooltown first clients, while today Spooltown boasts around 100 different clients per a given year from all over the US and Canada. 

Spooltown’s goal is to provide a working environment that is unlike any other cut-and-sew operation.  Unlike most factories, they hope to provide their clients with visibility into the making process.  They encourage their clients to visit their factory so they can see and understand more about the making process and meet the people who are making their product.  “We are so disconnected from the making process in this country.  We don’t know what it takes to make a product”.  Like The Good Flock, Sara and Dana believe that the design and making process should be connected.  

Here at The Good Flock, we believe in local quality manufacturing. We believe in transparency. We believe in our makers, our partners, our clients, and the stories behind the products we own. 


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